Protection for Home users

To keep your computer free from malware, you only need to do two things: to follow our security advice and protect yourself with Panda Security solutions.

Security advice

  • Memorize your passwords, do not save them on your computer.
  • Never give any personal information by telephone or on the Internet if you do not know the company or the website.
  • Close all active Internet and browser sessions.
  • Delete data from your computer when you have completed an online transaction. Pay special attention to temporary files, cookies, etc.
  • If you have any doubts about the validity of messages received from any banks, online stores, payment platforms, etc, contact the customer services department of the company from which the message has supposedly been sent.
  • If you detect any suspicious transactions in your bank account, quickly inform your bank or the issuer of your credit or debit card.
How do trojans enter your pc?